End Of Tenancy Cleaning

prime-cleaners-tenancy-cleaningWhen you end your tenancy in London, be sure to look for our company. With so many years of experience we are the perfect solution for your rental property. Our end of tenancy cleaning service is acknowledged by many. It is low-cost, well-timed, effective and powerful. It is provided in the most professional way by experienced and trained specialists to whom there are no limits in cleaning.

We are determined to fulfil everybody’s requests and exceed our customers’ expectations. The biggest reward we get for our hard work is client’s happy faces and gratitude. They are very pleased with the service, especially when they manage to get their deposits back from their landlords thanks to our impeccable work.

End of Tenancy CleaningPrices
Studio Flat from £99
1 Bedroom Flat from £159
2 Bedroom Flat from £175
3 Bedroom Flat from £195

Special discounts if you book end of tenancy cleaning and carpet cleaning! From up to -30%

    Many customers that use professional cleaning services are surprised to find:

    • Decent prices
    • Organised and friendly workers
    • Personalised service
    • Cutting edge equipment

    Here you could check which areas of London we are serving


    We pay attention to every single detail and promise to leave your rented apartment as nice and clean as it used to be when you moved in. We can even improve its condition.

    We have amazing cutting edge cleaning supplies that allow us to work miracles on rental properties. There are different machines, solutions and products for every different cleaning situation. We do our best to remove dirt and stains effectively and we will work really hard to clean your premises.

    What is included in the End of Tenancy Cleaning by Prime Cleaners London

    Professional Bedroom Tenancy Cleaning

    • Wipe down doors and their tops
    • Clean handles, door knobs, picture frames, lampshades, light fixtures, plugs, baseboards, light fittings
    • Remove cobwebs
    • Wash mirrors, windows and glass surfaces
    • Vacuum carpets and upholstered pieces
    • Empty trash bins
    • Remove cobwebs
    • Dust all surfaces

    Professional Kitchen Tenancy Cleaning

    • Clean kitchen appliances, including ovens, fridges, toasters, etc.
    • Clean and polish sinks and taps
    • Empty trash bins
    • Vacuum area rugs and curtains
    • Sweep and mop floors
    • Throw away any expired food and drinks
    • Dust all surfaces
    • Wash mirrors and windows
    • Remove limescale, hard water stains, mould and soap scum

    Professional Bathroom Tenancy Cleaning

    • Dust all surfaces
    • Clean and polish sinks and taps
    • Remove limescale, hard water stains, mould and soap scum
    • Sanitise and disinfect toilet, bathtub and/or shower
    • Remove cobwebs
    • Wash windows, mirrors and glass surfaces
    • Vacuum area rugs
    • Sweep and mop floors
    • Empty trash bins

    Our technicians will stop at nothing to provide you with their one of a kind special professional clean that corresponds to your individual needs. We have our own program and agenda but we also follow our clients advice and recommendations. The results are always stunning.

    Wondering how to get in touch with us? Need end of tenancy cleaning for your rented apartment as well? It is never too late to join our team and become one of our happy clients. Just dial our number, talks to us. We will listen to you and try to meet your criteria.

    Thanks to this company, I collected the full amount of my security deposit. The housekeepers delivered a perfect end of tenancy cleaning service. My landlord loved the outcome even more than me.

    The professional end of tenancy cleaning services of this company saved my life. Since I am not into cleaning, they helped me do the move-out cleaning to a very high standard. The outcome was more than satisfying.

    Booking this company’s professional end of tenancy cleaning services saved me time and money. The cleaners were kind enough to do the move-out cleaning for me and thus helped me collect my deposit in full.

    The best end of tenancy cleaning services in the area. The cleaners are so kind, friendly, reliable and professional. They never compromise on quality and it shows. I strongly recommend it.

    To us every client matters. This is why you should believe us when we say that you are important to us and that all your needs will be taken care of. Make an appointment.