Professional Cleaning

prime-professional-cleaningAre you looking for a trustworthy cleaning assistant who would maintain your commercial or residential property as well as you do it? We would like to congratulate you on finding the best solution to your cleaning issues.

Now, you can take the chance of having your home, office, hotel, restaurant or any other building sparkling clean in the blink of an eye. We are a cleaning company that is said to be the indisputable leader in the industry and the efforts we have made with the aim of providing our customers with excellent cleaning services were highly appreciated.

Each one of the professional cleaning packages we have developed is intended to bring various benefits to our customers.

Professional Cleaning near me at affordable prices:

Cleaning ServicesPrices
Deep Cleaning from £22
Carpet and Sofa Cleaning from £55
End of Tenancy Cleaning from £89
Domestic Cleaning from £20

Minimum call out charge for carpet cleaning £55

    Some of them are:

    • excellent customer support 24 hours a day
    • experienced and friendly staff
    • affordable professional cleaning services
    • flexibility and reliability

    We are convinced that we have everything, necessary for performing an outstanding cleaning procedure. We offer various one – off and regular cleaning services but what they have in common is the ideal cleanliness they lead to. Contact the call center operators and discuss your cleaning issue with them.

    They will give you a useful piece of advice as well as a recommendation about the most suitable cleaning service we have for you.

    What is included in our Professional Cleaning covering all London areas

    Professional Bathroom Cleaning

    • Sanitising and disinfecting toilet, sink, bathtub and/or shower
    • Removing mould, mildew, limescale, hard water stains and soap scum
    • Dusting all surfaces
    • Emptying trash bins
    • Removing cobwebs
    • Vacuuming and mopping floors
    • Wiping and polishing mirrors, glass surfaces and windows

    Professional Bedroom and other living areas cleaning

    • Dusting all surfaces
    • Cleaning doors and their tops
    • Removing cobwebs
    • Emptying trash bins
    • Vacuuming carpets and upholstered pieces
    • Sweeping and mopping bare floors
    • Wiping mirrors, windows and other glass surfaces
    • Emptying trash bins

    Kitchen Cleaning

    • Cleaning all kitchen appliances such as ovens, fridges, toasters, microwaves, etc.
    • Dusting all surfaces, including countertops, drawers, cupboards, etc.
    • Wiping mirrors, windows and glass surfaces
    • Removing limescale, soap scum, hard water stains
    • Vacuuming area rugs and upholstered pieces
    • Sweeping and mopping bare floors
    • Emptying trash bins

    As we pretend to be the best cleaning company in London, we have the most powerful and efficient cleaning equipment for all the cleaning services we offer. It doesn’t matter if you need somebody to clean your former place of residence before you move out or you are looking for regular professional house cleaning services, we will undoubtedly ensure the perfect freshness.

    Here are some of the areas we service

    West London
    White City
    West Kensington
    West Ealing

    East London

    North London

    North West London
    Camden Town

    South East London
    South Bank

    South West London

    Greater London

    Our qualified cleaning experts are available every day and their flexible schedule enables the customers to arrange them at a preferred day and time. Rest assured that they will come to your property on time and the cleaning task you give them will be taken whole – heartedly. Taking advantage of professional cleaning services has never been easier and more convenient. Book with us and you won’t be disappointed.

    I am a huge fan of this company and their professional cleaning services. The housekeepers always arrive on time and do their best to leave the house sparkling clean. Plus, the prices are very affordable.

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    I have been a customer of this company for plenty of years now and they have never disappointed me. My home always looks amazing after one single cleaning session. I am looking forward to booking them again.