Make your own furniture polish at home

Furniture wax, either paste or liquid, gives wooden pieces a hard finish and long-lasting protection. Wax is more durable than sprays or polishes and does not smear. Paste wax finishes can last up to two years, depending on how frequently you dust and maintain your furniture. Liquid wax is easier to apply, but it leaves a thinner coating and may require more frequent application than paste wax.
Furniture polish can add lustre to wooden furniture, but it does not last as long as wax. Liquid polishes, such as oil polish or emulsion cleaners, do not harm wood finishes and leave a lovely sheen, but they fade quickly after the liquid dries. Certain aerosol furniture polishes have an additional disadvantage: Their silicone oils can eat through varnish.
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Defrosting and deep cleaning your freezer

Freezers were introduced to people during the 1940s. They certainly changed the way food was stored, prepared, and cooked. However, freezers back then (and some nowadays as well) had a downside. That is the fact that frost and ice would build up on the top and inside of the appliance.
Freezer frost happens when there is too much moisture in the freezer environment, causing ice to build up on the walls. Moisture enters through a worn door gasket when you leave the door open for too long, or from steam from overheated foods. While many freezers self-defrost, ice can still accumulate and should be cleaned on a regular basis. That will help you eliminate bad odours and sort the mysterious items that have been forgotten in the freezer for way too long.
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Luxury vinyl vs standard vinyl

Sheet vinyl flooring has been considered the best choice, especially when it comes to places with moisture. Resistant to water damage and stains, vinyl flooring is still a favourite material for bathroom, kitchen, basement, and hall floors.
However, standard vinyl is constructed of a very thin layer of vinyl printed with a pattern layer and covered with a protective coating. It is prone to gouging and tearing and can be rather hard to walk on, particularly if laid over concrete.
To overcome those existing issues, manufacturers created a new type of vinyl flooring – luxury vinyl flooring or LVF. It can be found in the form of planks (LVP) or tiles (LVT). It is installed with the same click-lock interlocking edges as the laminate flooring. In fact, if they don’t go with higher quality (and more expensive) hardwood, ceramic, or stone tiles, many customers are left contemplating luxury vinyl vs. laminate as second-tier options.
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Cleaning and caring for your sheets and bed linens

We spend so much time in our beds – cleaning and maintenance are of crucial importance. Proper bedding care will allow you to sleep more comfortably while extending your linens’ life. While blankets, comforters, and quilts can be washed less frequently, sheets require more care and should be washed every two weeks. Most sheets are made of cotton, cotton/polyester mixes, or polyester microfiber, which requires slightly different cleaning. To minimise fading or shrinking, all bedding should be regularly washed. Always make sure you follow the recommended care instructions before attempting any cleaning.
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Cleaning a reglazed bathtub without damaging it

If you just refinished your bathtub, you will want to enjoy it that way for a long time. That means you will need to be careful when cleaning it. You should avoid certain cleaning methods to prevent scratches from occurring and keep the finish shiny and sleek. The coating must be cleaned on a regular basis with mild chemicals and soft sponges, but knowing exactly what to use to clean a reglazed bathtub is beneficial. Do this and you won’t end up with the pitted and discoloured tub you just repaired. You surely want a cleaning approach that is effective. Most tub refinishers recommend using a liquid non-abrasive solution on a regular basis.
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Cleaning baby clothes in a safe and natural way

Babies are the cutest, especially when dressed in their little clothes with sweet colours and ruffles. However, cleaning those little baby garments is not the easiest task. They constantly become stained and in order to save them for longer and make sure they are in good condition (especially if you are planning on having more children – they can be reused and save you a lot of money and effort).
Babies drool, spit up, wipe their hands on clothes (and pretty much everything around) and generally create stains that are not always the easiest to get rid of. Unfortunately, cleaning baby clothes with your regular detergent will simply not do it. Yes, it may get rid of cleaning stains and dirt, but it will irritate the gentle skin of little babies and cause rashes and itchiness. We have some tips and tricks on how you can avoid using commercial products that usually contain a lot of chemicals and artificial scents.

In this article, we will share some of the best natural ingredients you can use to wash baby clothes, as well as cleaning methods for particular stains, such as milk, formula, food, and poop stains. Keep reading to find out how to deal with all of those.
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Organising your office junk drawers for good

Cleaning and organising are always related tasks. When we’re trying to tidy up, we often find that rubbish comes in handy for containing the clutter and storing essential goods. Are you aware of how many rubbish drawers you have in your office? If you can’t answer that question, you’re not alone. We would like to believe that we are organised enough to have only one, but in reality, this is often not the case. In a well-organised office space, there is actually no need to have junk drawers, but when every day is focused on deadlines and productivity it is inevitable that they occur. With the right coping strategies, it is possible to live in a world where you can reap the benefits of junk drawers, while they are less…well, junky.
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Tough stain removal 101

Stains are a part of everyday life. Whether you are at home or outside, you may spill or drop anything all over your carpet, clothing, upholstery or shoes. While most stains are relatively easy to get rid of, there are some more serious, stubborn ones that require a bit more knowledge, time, and most importantly – the correct cleaning method.
This article will talk about just that – the different types of tough stains and the methods you can use to efficiently remove them for good.
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How to separate laundry the right way

If you are not good at laundry, you probably end up with messed up colours after each load. If you feel like it is time to put an end to this vicious cycle of ruining your clothes. The key to do that is to know how to properly separate the clothes before tossing them in the washing machine. If you manage to separate your clothes, you will be able to minimise abrasion and colour transfer. Not only will their colours stay intact, but you will prolong the life of your clothes.
Before sorting all your garments, it is best to read the fabric care labels and follow any specific instructions that are mentioned there. For example, if the label says dry cleaning or hand washing only, do not put this garment in the laundry machine even if you are using low temperature and a gentle cycle. Even though most minor mistakes can be fixed (you can unshrink your clothes, for example), it is best to avoid them in the first place.
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