Carpet Cleaning

carpet-cleaning-prime-cleanersLooking for the most reliable and suitable carpet cleaning service in London? We can be the best option for you if you open your mind and let us in your home.

Our company has been in this business now almost a decade and we surely know a thing ot two about the service, people’s requirements and needs and the latest equipment available on the market. We are very seasoned and service-oriented. We offer amazing prices, a team of well-trained and fully-insured cleaners, and a friendly attitude.

Carpet Cleaning Services provided in all London areas at affordable prices:

Carpet & Sofa Cleaning ServicePrices
hallway/ landing carpet from £4
bedroom carpet from £23
living/ dining room carpet from £25
two seat sofa from £45
three seat sofa from £60
armchair from £18

    Areas in London where we are offering carpet cleaning services

    Maida Vale

    When you call us you do not only buy a service, you buy quality and professionalism that you will never find anywhere across the city. What makes us stand out from our competition and completely eliminate it is that we know what our clients want, what they don’t and how to make them satisfied.

    What our clients want is to have their carpets thoroughly cleaned and dried by a professional for a small amount of money and time. What they don’t want is to pay for a service that does not provide what it says and that offers inadequate cleaning and attitude.

    What is included in our Carpet Cleaning

    • The carpet cleaning is performed to remove stains, allergens, germs, dust and dirt
    • The piece is thoroughly vacuumed and all stains are pre-treated
    • The hot water extraction method takes place, which is also known as steam cleaning
    • Fast drying process

    We can assure you that our company is qualified enough to give you what you need when you need it.

    With us, you can save one thing to worry about – the cleanliness and condition of your carpets. Since we have been running this business for many years we know how much customers value their belongings and how much they want to keep them fresh and dirt-free.

    Thanks to this company, now our carpets are looking at their best again. It is no lie that their hot water extraction method knows no enemies. All stains and allergens are now gone.

    I am a big fan of this company and their carpet cleaning services. The technicians bring and use their own cleaning equipment which I do appreciate a lot. The cleaning sessions are done to the highest standards.

    The carpet cleaning services of this company are not only very professional but affordable. The technicians always arrive on time and do their best to remove all stains, germs and dirt. I strongly recommend it.

    The reliable carpet cleaning services of this company are very professional. The technicians best know how to restore the pieces to a like-new appearance. I have used the services twice but I am already planning a third visit.

    Many of them have children and pets, which puts a carpet at risk of faster wear and tear. Not to mention the millions of germs it is exposed to daily when children and pets spend their time in the room. Thankfully, you can rely on us. You can say goodbye to dust mites, dirt and grime. It’s easier than ever to make this happen. All you need is a phone and a couple of minutes. The rest is up to us.