Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning Services Fulham SW6

professional carpet cleaningOur company is located in Fulham and we have specialized in high-quality carpet care. We offer a wide range of carpet cleaning solutions and you can be sure you will receive a service based on your needs and expectations.

We use the very latest technologies and the safest clean up methods.

Carpet Cleaning Prices Fulham

Carpet & Sofa Cleaning ServicePrices
Hallway/ landing carpet from £4
Bedroom carpet from £23
Living/ dining room carpet from £25
Two seat sofa from £45
Three seat sofa from £60
Armchair from £18

I am one of the biggest fans of your carpet cleaning services. Because of the economical rates I can easily afford to book the service on a more regular basis. Thanks to you, my carpets are always fresh and clean. I cannot wait to have your cleaners soon again. They are so kind and professional.

Our employees attend special training courses in green cleaning and will provide effective cleaning solutions that will ideally restore your carpets whilst protecting the colours and the fibres.

Safe and effective carpet cleaning techniques

    Most carpet manufacturers recommend steam cleaning. It gives brilliant results on all types of carpets and is absolutely safe since no harmful chemicals are used. Hot water penetrates deep into the carpet fibres and then dirt and soil, dust mites and allergens are extracted from the carpet. Then we apply our exclusive moisture extraction technique and you don’t have to worry about wet carpets and possible colour transfer. Your items are almost completely dry since up to 97 percent of the moisture is extracted from them. We always deodorize the newly-refreshed carpets and eliminate all unpleasant smells that might have been absorbed in them.

    • Flexible services, customized cleaning plans
    • First-class carpet care by the top professionals in Fulham
    • Same day service possibility, weekend appointments, no extra charges
    • Convenient and friendly service, highly professional approach
    • Latest professional equipment, safe, eco friendly carpet restoration methods

    We know that each carpet cleaning situation is unique and we offer custom-tailored cleaning plans. We promise to provide a service based on the type and the condition of your carpets.

    carpet steam cleaning servicesWe take in consideration any existing stains and heavily-soiled areas and we clean accordingly. We apply our specially formulated pre treatment solutions which clean effectively a wide spectrum of stains.

    Our service is convenient and worry-free, and after we clean your carpets your home will be back to normal quickly. Trust us and book our services! We will save you time and efforts dealing with laborious cleaning tasks and will make your carpets immaculate again. Contact our representatives in Fulham and get more information on our great services and affordable rates.

    There’s a common misconception that carpets are impossible to sanitize. And that’s the reason why many public places have excluded the carpet as part of their interior. But carpets can in fact be kept sanitary, it’s just hard for one to do it by themselves.

    That’s why we’re here to help you keep your carpets in a brand spanking new condition at all times. We’re based in Fulham and our professional carpet cleaning services come at appealing rates. We’ll completely sanitize your carpets without exceptions. Just call us and book our professional carpet cleaning services and you’ll have a carpet worth the envy.