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Here is a testimonial from our client who will provide you with interesting information about the professional cleaning which we do in Islington London. Find us at 020 3745 4388

professional cleaning

Because there are not enough companies like this one, we have decided to plunk ourselves on the market as well. And even though we say this, what we have to offer is far different from all of the rest.

The professional cleaning services we offer beat out all of the rest. There isn’t a home left that’s not completely clean. With confidence we state, that our team is the best there is in the Islington industry and that they will make sure that every client receives what they come for.

Professional Cleaning Price in Canonbury, Islington

Cleaning ServicesPrices
Deep Cleaning from £22
Carpet and Sofa Cleaning from £55
End of Tenancy Cleaning from £89
Domestic Cleaning from £20

Minimum call out charge for carpet cleaning £55

What is happening?

You call us up and our team guides you through the entire process and explains to you everything there is to know. They will also do their best to answer any questions you have.

You make your appointment and set up a schedule for when we can send over our cleaners to you.

One of experts in the Islington area arrives at your home and begins work. They make a plan on how to be as efficient as possible and start from the simple tasks leading up to the harder ones.

Some of the things the service includes are: taking out the rubbish, dusting, vacuuming and thoroughly cleaning various areas around the home.

After the cleaner is done with their job, they make sure that everything is one-hundred percent clean and that the job is properly done.

  • If a client decides that they do not require our services anymore they can cancel any time.
  • If a cleaner has reasons to be absent for the day, a substitute is going to be on their way.
  • All clients receive the same service. In our case, everyone receives special treatment.
  • All employees are trained to handle challenging situations. They can’t be derailed.

How we began

Our company started off small with very few team members who were quite eager to be working in the Canonbury industry and helping people out by providing them with professional cleaning services. Ever since we have kept our morals and cherish everyone among us.

North London Homes Cleaned

  • 1200 Carpets cleaned
  • More than 2000 homes protected
  • 800 Ovens cleaned
  • 651 House cleaned on daily base
Specially Treated Tasks Done

  • Over 1700 Deep cleaned homes
  • 1087 Mattresses disinfected
  • More than 1200 tenants and landlords use us
  • 483 Upholsteries cleaned
Customer Reviews
5 star 82%
4 star 9%
3 star 5%
2 star 3%
1 star 1%

I’ve used your professional cleaning services a few times for the past two years and I am more than satisfied with the results! The surfaces are perfectly clean, all of my kitchen appliances are thoroughly sanitised, the picture frames are free of dust! I recommend you to all of my friends!


Why should you spend the only time you have for yourself in doing cleaning chores? Instead, you can enjoy doing something fun with your friends and family. While you spend some quality free time, our cleaners can take an amazing care for your house. Call us now and choose the professional cleaning service which fits your needs the best.

We promise you that there is no other company in Islington with such highly competent cleaners. No matter how big of a mess your house is, our specialists can tackle even the toughest stains with the professional tools and products which they use.