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Prime Cleaners London Finchley, Church End

Here is a testimonial from our client who will provide you with interesting information about the professional cleaning which we do in Finchley, Church End London. Find us at 020 3745 4388

professional cleaning

Reinvent your daily routine by giving yourself loads of free time and additional help for cleaning around your home. Come get our professional cleaning service and be absolutely thrilled by its quality. We boldly state, that the service provided by us to our clients is of the highest quality that there is on the Finchley market.

Not only is our service good but we make sure that the cost of it is affordable for most people’s budgets. We are a company that has received a lot of endorsement from its clients and our rating are quite high.

Professional Cleaning Price in Finchley, Church End

Cleaning ServicesPrices
Deep Cleaning from £22
Carpet and Sofa Cleaning from £55
End of Tenancy Cleaning from £89
Domestic Cleaning from £20

Minimum call out charge for carpet cleaning £55

Every step we take

Once you call us, you become our team’s number one priority. The make sure to guide you through all of the details on how everything works and answer any questions that you might possibly have.

After that, we let you decide on weather or not to hire our professional cleaning services and if you do we let you set up a schedule for when our cleaners can come over to your home.

When a cleaner arrives to your home, they will complete everything on your usual list of cleaning chores. The only difference is that they will do it ten times better and a lot faster, after all, they are trained to take on any challenge in the Finchley area.

After they have finished, they are going to make sure that all requirements are met, after which they will take off till the next time they have to come back.

  • Our cleaners make sure to be fully aware of the task at hand.
  • Our team has no right and will never force you to hire us.
  • Our team must be sure that you are fully on board with the purchase.
  • Cancellation of the service is can be done at any time.

Family and morals

Since we have established our company we have kept our morals and grown to be a large family from what used to be a small team who were eager to be working in the Church End industry.

North London Homes Cleaned

  • 1200 Carpets cleaned
  • More than 2000 homes protected
  • 800 Ovens cleaned
  • 651 House cleaned on daily base
Specially Treated Tasks Done

  • Over 1700 Deep cleaned homes
  • 1087 Mattresses disinfected
  • More than 1200 tenants and landlords use us
  • 483 Upholsteries cleaned
Customer Reviews
5 star 82%
4 star 9%
3 star 5%
2 star 3%
1 star 1%

Now I know that this company is definitely second to none. My mother recommended it and she assured me that the professional cleaning services are the best. I was so happy to find out that she was right. The housekeepers were very focused during the clean up and left me satisfied with the outcome.


If you need sever option in one, you can come to us. Our professional cleaning service includes things like professional carpet cleaning, professional window cleaning and more. You can book an appointment at once or individually. Once you do, our cleaning team will arrive at your home right on time and bring along their professionalism.

Our service isn’t only catered to homes, we also deliver to workplaces, public spaces and more. We are a favorite choice on the Finchley market with clients from all over London. And for hiring, all seven days of the week are available.