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Here is a testimonial from our client who will provide you with interesting information about the professional cleaning which we do in Woodford London. Find us at 020 3745 4388

professional cleaning

It has dawned upon us that that you may require an extra helping hand around your home during the week. In regards to cleaning, we can offer you our professional cleaning services. A good bit of luxury on a price which is actually quite affordable and budget friendly for most people.

Unlike posh companies, we provide the same service to more people for less money. We are pretty good at our job and are proud to provide people with our help so we can make their lives a whole lot easier. Our team is consisted only of the best people you can find who are working in the Woodford field.

Professional Cleaning Price in Woodford

Cleaning ServicesPrice
Deep Cleaningfrom £18
Carpet and Sofa Cleaningfrom £48
End of Tenancy Cleaningfrom £79
Domestic Cleaningfrom £16

Minimum call out charge for carpet cleaning £48

What happens and how it happens

We receive a phone call from a client and they immediately become the center of our universe. Our team makes sure that everything is explained to them and do everything in their power to answer any question the client might have. After which the order is booked and the schedule is set for our cleaners to be on their way.

As soon as a cleaner arrives at the client’s home, they make a plan on how to be as efficient as possible and to finish the job before the afternoon or depending on what time they have came on that day.

Next, the real work starts. They begin by taking care of the easier tasks and later moving on to thoroughly cleaning. Everything that is usually on your list of cleaning chores will be covered. From taking out the trash, vacuuming, cleaning dust, tidying up to thoroughly cleaning places around the home that need more attention.

Some of these tasks may come to be challenging to any other person to the point where they would give up. That is not the case with our cleaners, they are the most reliable and professional people you can find in the Woodford industry.

Our story

Back when we established ourselves, we started off with a small team who were passionate to work in the Woodford industry. We made sure that every single client that comes to us is granted the best service ever.

East London Homes Cleaned

  • 1048 Carpets cleaned
  • More than 1600 homes protected
  • 700 Ovens cleaned
  • 903 House cleaned on daily base
Specially Treated Tasks Done

  • Over 1500 Deep cleaned homes
  • 974 Mattresses disinfected
  • More than 1032 tenants and landlords use us
  • 390 Upholsteries cleaned
Customer Reviews
5 star 82%
4 star 9%
3 star 5%
2 star 3%
1 star 1%

The cleaners who visited me yesterday did an outstanding job. They deep cleaned my property from top to bottom, from corner to corner. I loved how quickly and efficiently they cleaned every nook and cranny possible! The price I paid was also very appealing. Thank you very much.


Daily maintenance of your home is undoubtedly important, but you shouldn’t neglect deep cleaning as well. Deep cleaning is the more thorough equivalent of daily or weekly maintenance. It incorporates oven cleaning, wall, door and windows cleaning, etc. We know how much time you spend deep cleaning your home and that’s why we’d like to propose an alternative.

For an affordable fee you can get our professional cleaning services. We operate in Woodford and we are professional and experienced. We can deliver a deep cleaning service like no other – not a single stain will be left behind. Contact us today.