Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning Services Putney, Roehampton SW15

professional carpet cleaningHaving your carpets professionally cleaned is essential and important if you want to maintain a healthy home environment. Your carpets is what you step on, a lot of allergens and bacteria are gathered up in there. Do yourself a favor, save time and energy and in the same time have your carpets and rugs renewed.

Carpet Cleaning Prices Putney, Roehampton

Carpet & Sofa Cleaning ServicePrices
hallway/ landing carpet from £4
bedroom carpet from £23
living/ dining room carpet from £25
two seat sofa from £30
three seat sofa from £45
armchair from £18

I was recommended your carpet cleaning service and ever since I have been using it. With your assistance, I know that my carpets are always looking and feeling clean and fresh. Thank you for always sending the best cleaner to help me with this back-breaking chore. You are without a rival.

We are located in Putney, Roehampton and we believe that thanks to our very flexible schedule and fair rates we are your best choice, if an effective carpet cleaning service is what you desire.

What can we do for you except clean your carpets

    We offer a number of service that we can do for you, excepting cleaning and washing your carpet properly. In Putney, Roehampton home floods are a common sight, many times we have been called to extract water from carpets, it takes about 30 minutes and we leave the carpet dry and daisy fresh.Our services include both residential carpet cleaning and industrial carpet cleaning, needless to say we are “giants” in this line of business and we want nothing more than to prove ourselves and provide you with good, outstanding results.

    • Flexible working time to easily fit your own schedule
    • Fast and efficient services
    • High technology cleaning equipment for better results
    • Background checked and licensed cleaning technicians to ensure your safety and proper end results
    • Friendly operators who provide all the valuable information you need

    How do we conduct out cleaning

    carpet steam cleaning servicesWe will arrive within 48 hours after you have made the call and scheduled the cleaning. Our teams arrive in company vehicles, wear uniforms and are extremely friendly and diligent. Feel free to observe while they clean your carpets, or leave them alone to handle all the things by themselves. We assure you that no a single item in your property will be touched or move without your permission. After all we are professionals, licensed to practice cleaning in Putney, Roehampton and we would like you to feel comfortable with our presence in your house.

    The capabilities of our cleaning technicians coupled with the fine cleaning equipment we have supplied our technicians with, excellent results are to be expected.

    You may think that your carpet is good if there are no heavy stains on it, but you would be surprised how much dirt and debris, which are not visible for the eye, can make your carpet a potential danger zone for your health.

    Considering the fact that bacteria can easily stuck to the fibers of your carpet, you should hire professional cleaners to do a proper cleaning and disinfection at least two times a year. We are glad that our customers refer to us as the best carpet cleaning provider in Putney and we hope that you will trust us, too.