Tough stain removal 101

Stains are a part of everyday life. Whether you are at home or outside, you may spill or drop anything all over your carpet, clothing, upholstery or shoes. While most stains are relatively easy to get rid of, there are some more serious, stubborn ones that require a bit more knowledge, time, and most importantly – the correct cleaning method.
This article will talk about just that – the different types of tough stains and the methods you can use to efficiently remove them for good.

Burnt pan
If you have a burnt pan, you probably tried soaking and scrubbing it. This may be efficient if the amount of burnt-on residue is not large. However, if the situation is a bit more serious, you will need to take a more serious approach. To loosen the grime, fill the pan with hot water, add a few drops of dish soap, and place a couple of dryer sheets at the bottom of it. Let it sit for an hour, then wipe the mess away with a scrubbing sponge or pad. Once you do that, wash the pan as usual.

Coffee stains on a mug or thermos
If you regularly forget coffee in your mugs or thermoses, you probably have to constantly deal with the stains it leaves. We know how hard it can be to get rid of those, so here is a trick: use a denture cleaner. Dissolve one denture cleaning tablet in two cups of hot water. In two glasses of hot water, dissolve one denture cleaning tablet. Pour it into the soiled container and leave it for several hours before using a scrub brush to remove the stains and any loose particles. Pour the fluid out and carefully rinse.

Gum on the carpet
This is not uncommon to happen. However, it can be extremely annoying to clean. The key to cleaning this mess is ice. Grab a bag full of ice, place it on the gum and wait until it is frozen. Once it freezes, the gum will become solid and easily break into pieces that will come out of the carpet fibres with no effort.

Paint on the carpet
If you are not doing full renovations of your place and simply repainting a part of the room, or a piece of furniture, you probably left a piece of the carpet uncovered and it ended up stained with paint. Do not panic. Scrub the paint away with rubbing alcohol on a rag. Use a cloth that is as near to the carpet’s colour as possible, as the alcohol can transfer some of the rag’s colour to the carpet.

Crayon on your walls
Children are a blessing but as they grow up a little and become toddlers, things can get wild. Sometimes paper is just not enough so the little artists need to move to the wall in the living room, for example. If that happens, waste no time being mad, try this hack instead. Grab a damp rag, dip it in baking soda and gently scrub the crayon stain away. It will come off very easily and no traces will be left behind (at least not until your baby decides it’s drawing time again).

Crusty wooden drawers

Drawers with hardwood drawer slides frequently become sticky and difficult to open and close. Moisture is frequently to blame, causing the wood to swell or distort, producing excessive friction. A sticky drawer can be extremely inconvenient, especially if you use it frequently. Rub a block of household paraffin wax along the wooden drawer slides and any other high-friction locations on the drawers for a quick remedy. The wax will lubricate the working elements of the drawers, making them run much more smoothly.

Zip ties for your sink
If your bathroom or kitchen sink becomes clogged, worry not. Before reaching chemical solutions, try this cleaning method instead. Make use of a lengthy zip tie. On the end of the zip-tie, make a few notches. It will hook the hair blockage and allow you to remove it. This is the easiest way to unclog a drain so keep a bag of zip ties in your bathroom for the next emergency.

Tough bugs
If you drive a long enough distance, you’ll have bug splatters on the front of your car. The bugs are unavoidable, and if you leave them on your automobile for an extended period of time, they will harden and become tough to remove. Unfortunately, removing the bugs off your automobile necessitates more than a quick car wash. Rather than scrubbing and perhaps ruining your car’s paint, grab a can of cooking spray. Spray some on the persistent bug, wait a few seconds, and then wipe the area clean with a microfiber cloth. Wash the area clean with soap and water, just as you would if you were washing your vehicle.