Cleaning chores to teach your kids

If you have children, you probably know that a clean home is not something that is so easy to maintain. However, as soon as your children get a bit older, you can start teaching them how to help you around the house. That will not only benefit you but also teach them how to be organised and tidy from a young age. In fact, tidying up after your children when they are completely capable of doing it themselves, is rather problematic.
Teaching them how to tidy up and clean at a young age will make them responsible and self-sufficient. Not only that but it will set good habits for them to keep doing in the future.

We will share some simple chores that you can teach your children, even toddlers.

Doing Laundry

You can actually teach your children how to sort their clothes as early as when they are 2 years old. The best thing about that is that sorting clothes can be seen as a game. If your toddler is older, they can help with putting clothes away. School-aged children can fold clothes, as well as learn how to load and unload the washing machine and dryer. By the age of 10, your children are fully capable of having full responsibility to load and unload the washing machine, run it and even clean it. If you start teaching them those things, soon enough they will be able to wash their own clothes, fold them and put them away.

Washing Dishes

If you teach your young children to wash the dishes, they can be of big help to you. Whether you teach them how to wash by hand or how to load the dishwasher, this is a chore they can participate in. The best way to start is to teach them how to dry dishes (if you dry yours) or show them how to scrape and rinse them. Children as young as 5 or 6 years old can learn how to scrape and rinse plates. Older children can help with drying and putting dishes away. If your child is not too excited, try setting a rule where everyone washes their own dishes. That way they will only have a couple of plates to wash and will learn how to take care of their own things. Show them how to load a dishwasher correctly. Do not forget to teach them safety principles too. For example, how to safely wash knives or what to do if a glass breaks.

Make a Bed

Funny how most adults do not like making their bed either. However, if you teach your child how to do that from a young age, they may end up with this useful, beautiful habit. Start by showing them how to make their own bed. Even if they don’t do it every morning, they will know how to. If they have fun sheets, making their bed may excite them more. If they are struggling, begin making their bed together. Soon after, they will be able to make their bed by themselves. Give them freedom to pick their blankets/sheets, help them arrange their pillows and stuffed animals in a fun way. If they feel like they can make their bed the way they like it, it will give them something to look forward to every morning. Keep their bedding simple. Use a top sheet/duvet but remove any unnecessary pillow or blankets that are never used.

Sweep the Floor

Sweeping the floor is one of the simpler cleaning tasks around the house. Dragging a broom across the floor however, won’t do it. SHow them how to properly sweep the floor and let them practice. Start by letting them hold the dustpan for you. When they are older, teach them how to hold both and efficiently sweep. To make things more fun, get them a kids broomstick with their favourite cartoon character for example. Even though technology and gadgets are taking over nowadays, the skill of sweeping the floor is extremely useful. If you have a smaller handheld vacuum, you may try teaching them how to use that too. This will be of great help when they spill something and know how to clean up after themselves.

Mop the Floor

This is a chore suitable for kids that are a bit older. By the age of 9 or 10, children are able to mop the floor unsupervised. Teach them how to mix the solution, wet and wring the mop out. Show them what to do with tough spots and how to rinse the mop and bucket. Take everything slow, teach them how to clean different floorings around your house one at a time. Play some music for them, make it fun and with time, they will feel helpful doing that.


This is one of the best things you can teach your kid when it comes to household chores. Decluttering is hard for adults as well so teaching your child how to get rid of unnecessary things at a young age will help you but also help them in the future. Start by letting them watch you declutter your own stuff. Ask them questions that will help them understand why you are getting rid of this thing like ‘’How often do you use this?’’ or ‘’ Do you have another thing that is the same as this one?”. Once they understand that items are items and it is good to get rid of clutter once in a while, they can move on to their own things. Make them get rid of old toys they no longer play with or clothes that they don’t wear that often or which don’t fit them anymore.